Payment Providers

Payment providers are third-party companies that process payments on your behalf. On Orchestrate, you get access to five Payment methods: Card, Virtual Accounts, Wallets, Direct Debit, and Cryptocurrency all powered by some of the best payment providers; Paystack, Flutterwave, Stripe, PayPal, Mono, Fluidcoins, Lazerpay, ThePeer, Yoco,

How to enable a payment provider

Step 1: Log in to Orchestrate

Step 2: Navigate to the Payment provider section

Step 3: Click on Add a Provider

Step 4: Select the country, payment method, and payment provider

Step 5: Enter your authorization keys

Step 6: Click save

Repeat this process for each payment provider you'd like to enable.

Provider Authorisation Keys

To enable a provider on Orchestrate, you are required to create an account with each provider and extract your authorization keys from your provider dashboards.